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Our IT department has started its software development wing with the collaboration of Professional and CERTIFIED IT Firms and CERTIFIED Software Houses to develop customized software solutions for the clients as per their needs.

Our primary goal is to build long-term relationship with its customers by providing them optimal level of services on immediate basis and to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction through customer-centric approach.


We aim to maximize our potentials through combination of enhanced quality of services in given time frame. We also offer consulting services by helping companies recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes. Finally, we provide complete training for the use of solutions purchased from us. We guarantee the customer the right solution as we rapidly respond to emerging problems if any.

We only do one-on- one training.  What this means for you is that you get individualized attention and a program tailored to your needs. The amount of training required depends on many factors including the individual’s prior experience and the complexity of your business All our trainings includes a full year of unlimited support and refreshers as required.

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MACA is more than two decades old Accounting and consultancy firm.